Environnement et Développement Durable

In recent years, much emphasis has been laid on the role and importance of sustainability in nations’ pursuit of economic growth and development. This is reflected in the wise use of natural resources such that its depletion is delayed in order to make it available for future generations. Sustainability also applies to employing technologies that mitigate human health hazards and guard their livelihoods. Consequently, a new set of development goals have been initiated at the global level to incorporate this notion – these are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Expected to guide development efforts from 2016 through 2030; they are 17 in number, with 169 targets and a multitude of indicators. Their implementation at the national level must be in line with local priorities spelt out in the foregoing Growth and Employment Strategic Plan. The Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) also provides a framework for their realization.

  1. Strategic objectives

Globally, this pillar intends to promote the demand, supply and use of evaluation as an instrument of sustainable growth and development through transparency and accountability enhancement.

  1. Implementation Strategy

Thanks to its strategic position, CaDEA has the responsibility of promoting the use and quality of evaluation in the pursuit of economic growth and development. It intends to apply the following strategies in its pursuit:

  • awareness Creation ;
  • capacity Building ; and
  • promoting the dissemination of evaluation results.


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