Evaluation Matters First Quarter 2016 - Is the AfDB delivering on its commitments?

Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV) is pleased to announce the release of the first edition of its quarterly knowledge publication Evaluation Matters for 2016. Titled "Is the AfDB delivering on its Commitments?" this edition zooms in on the 12 evaluations delivered by IDEV in 2015.

The African Development Bank is currently undergoing a significant strategic realignment in order to invest its scarce resources in the most pressing and urgent development needs of Africa. Reliable and timely analytical evidence is critical to inform decisions and policy making. By focusing on key findings, lessons and recommendations from the influential evaluations conducted by IDEV in 2015, Evaluation Matters hopes to shine the light on what is most relevant to AfDB stakeholders and development practitioners in general.

Evaluations conducted by IDEV and featured in this edition of Evaluation Matters include:

The complete publication is available on our website via the following link: Evaluation Matters First Quarter 2016 – Is the AfDB Delivering on Its Commitments?

We wish you a pleasant read. Your feedback on Evaluation Matters is welcome on EvaluationMatters@afdb.org. Please also consider contributing an article to a future edition.


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